Thursday, 17 March 2016

Discography & collection

I've just returned from a trip to Cornwall, where, amongst other things, I picked up a few more Sentinel releases. I've updated the discography accordingly.
Also, here is my collection so far. I'm still missing a few releases (detailed below), and there are still some catalogue numbers lacking any details at all. If anyone out there has any items for sale or further info on the holes in the numbering system, don't hesitate to contact me.

SENS 1015:??
SENS 1018: Marian Cresswell - Marian (Easy Listening Piano)

SENS 1019: Climax Choir – Born In Song 2
SENS 1039: Holman Climax Choir – Collected Hymns and Sacred Songs
SENS 1050: Camborne Town Band – Camborne in Concert
SENS 1057: St Austell Youth Band

Plus most 45s/EPs.
Also any obscure Cornwall-related pop/folk/rock releases.


  1. Awesome collection! 👍 I've recently started collecting Sentinel releases.... More because they are "local interest" than for the music to be honest. 😀 Didn't realise there is such an extensive back cat.... I've got a long way to go. Cheers

    1. Thanks for your comments. I can't deny that generally the appeal of these records is the social history aspect rather than the music (as maybe you'll realise if you read any of the reviews on this blog!), but now & then, something leaps out from the male voice choirs & silver bands that surprises me and makes the search worthwhile.
      There is indeed quite a substantial catalogue there; good luck!

  2. I have SENS1050 its from 1981. Cant find your email to send a photo....

    1. Thanks! I am at Do let me know if you're interested in selling it...

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