Friday 1 October 2021

Peninsular West, April 1974

 It has been some time since I last updated this blog. Not a lot has happened in the interim, but recently I stumbled upon an article about the label that I thought was worth sharing here. Rupert White, whose excellent "Folk In Cornwall" book I have enthused about in entries passim, recently uploaded some photos to facebook which included this piece about Sentinel, taken from a magazine called Peninsular West, which appears to be dated April 8th 1974. It briefly covers the history of the label, but most interestingly (for me, at least) is that there are a couple of photos of the original Newlyn studio, including one of Job in the control room, and another of Brenda Wootton & Robert Bartlett recording the 'No Song To Sing' LP in the live room. There's also a panel advert for the studio.

The closing paragraph of the article is particularly apt:
"As a memoir of the summer holidays they have something to offer visitors of today, but as historical documents they will mean that much more to those listening a hundred years from now." Well, here we are nearly 50 years later. I hope you're still listening.

Sadly the journalist isn't credited in the original article, but many thanks to Rupert White for allowing me to reproduce it here.

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  1. Hi Harvey, I wonder if you can help me. We’re looking at the use of a track from Pasties & Cream, they’re doesn’t appear to be any contact details for Sentinel Records in terms of rights, would you have any information on this? My email is: Best wishes, Duncan